Autobiography of a Horse

.facebook_1491113379974Hello people! Now that I am quite so stiff in the joints and delicate, worn out racehorse and have got nothing to do everyday but limp pitifully to the pasture set aside for me and graze all day. I have got nothing to do but think of the past, my mistakes, my triumphs, my failures, my injuries : in short my days when I was a happy little colt, sticking to my mother’s side.

I was born in the stables of England’s best farms. My mother who was a beautiful and strong mare, was my master’s favourite. My mistress and the little sirs and misses would ride on her and take good care of her. She was my idol and taught me many useful things. She taught me to be gentle, kind, to have a good temper and to never start suddenly. Every evening she used to say,” Little Johnny, always remember we are the servants of man. We have to do whatever they say to us. Never have a bad temper with them, for we depend on them for a food, water and grooming. Remember this son.”

I was soon 4 years old, an important year for me as I was finally an adult. Stories about my gentle nature were known throughout the street.

The Earl himself came to see me and then finally, after what seemed to me and then finally, after what seemed to me a long time, he bought me.

I was carted off to his estate. A huge flowering one, it had many fountains and flower beds. I met the other houses in the numerous tables and started feeling comfortable. I was given a homely place in the stables with plenty of water and grain.

My master and the stable heads and stable hands for very gentle and always happy. I enjoyed many years there in happiness.

But then one day disaster struck. My mistress was very ill. The doctor said that her condition was very weak and she would not be able to live in England’s climate, so we should take her to the tropics of South Asia.

As for me, I was sold off the racing stable along with many other horses. I,  along with Pepper-up were sold to the same stable. We were put through very intense training and at last there stood two fast race horses.

We were entered into our first races. It being my first time, I was very scared, so I closed my eyes and when the shot of the gun pierced my ears, I ran. I didn’t know how long I ran, but then after sometime I started feeling comfortable and I open my eyes. What I saw was unbelievable. I was first in the lead and had left all the horses behind.

The conclusion, you ask? I won !! I had bagged the first prize.

I was later put into many other races and won most of them. The rest of the times I came following up and the winner used to win just for the distance of a horse’s tail.

But now I am very old and weak.  My joints are so and stiff and now all I do is lie back and enjoy a contented life on the ranch.


*Written in 2013


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